Photography and Evolution

Have you noticed how sometimes
between the cute look and the smile
there is an intermediate expression
like a guppy? 

Probably you haven’t
since your brain
protects you
from shocks.

But the camera sees, the camera sees.

Use your autowinder and
you will see what I mean.

Fossils are like eyes
they do not register the things between.

But logic
is like
the camera.

First, we know
(by looking at fossils)
there were dinosaurs:
long necks
four feet;
much plodding.

Later, we know
(using fossils or our eyes)
there were swans:
long necks
two feet
two wings;
and splashing.

In between
using logic
(the autowinder of the scientific method)
we deduce the existence of creatures
long necks
three feet
one wing;
a long, slow slide in the mud.

Science is a matter of falsifiability.

Use your autowinder.

What do you see?

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