Garden Party

It was already August, but the weather was still quite hot during the day. By the time I arrived, there were many people in the living room, most of whom I didn’t know.

“… And this is …” That was her, sitting on an armchair, very big, my first impression, but with a beautiful face, covered in makeup. Her very thin lips turned into a crescent when she smiled, giving her a both childish and sophisticated look.

He was very happy to see me. We went to the backyard. The air had cooled down a bit. The sun was shining on the grass under the apple tree. Apples had fallen and were lying around. We sat down on a bench in the sun, bright and warm.

More People came out of the house, with more talkings and more laughters. Some climbed up the tree and shook down more apples. She strolled, straight to us. Without looking at me and without a word, she handed her camera to him, obviously very used to making guys do her chores. She walked back to the tree, arranged her skirt, and climbed up. From high above, she looked down, a smile of triumph on her lips.

It was getting dark. I went into the house. In the dim light, he and she were chatting. I lay down on the couch, feeling sleepy. “Are you ok?” Him, already beside the couch. “Yes. Just a bit tired.” I replied. From the corner of my eye, I saw her, looking at me across the room, no expression on her face.

After dinner, people started playing card games. We went for a walk. It was cold outside, with clear sky, and stars. When we came back, the game was still going on. She, lying comfortably on the couch holding a handful of cards. We waved goodbye to everybody. She looked up, from her handful of cards, and threw a glance at us, her face distant, and cold.

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