Academic Prose

“So, like, we looked at the data and we were all, ‘like woah!’ I mean, check out figure 3.

So what does that mean, man? What does that really mean?

There’s some guy in, like, Seattle or someplace [Gigx03b] who does this crazy thing with, like, matrices. So we did that, and, I dunno, we got something like figure 4. So, well, if I was a social scientist I would say that was significant, right? But only at, like, 0.85, so maybe not.

So then we bought some new shit and we, you know, tried again. Only this time we put like a fence, so they wouldn’t all get stuck. So far that’s looking better, but I dunno, man, I dunno. I guess we’ll write another paper later with pictures and shit, and you can judge for yourself.”

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