17. Eating Out

F%nrian culture, as you will rapidly discover for yourself, supports copious restaurants serving food in a wide variety of styles. The menus themselves, however, are highly traditionalised and rigorously codified. Indeed, except at specialised children’s restaurants, the printed F%nrian menu contains no descriptions of dishes; simply two columns of numbers. The left-hand column lists the prices; the right-hand, the traditional numbers of the dishes.

As a quick (and cautious) rule of thumb, a human should be able to digest any prime numbered dish. That said, however, under no circumstances should you order a number 43. We cannot stress this enough. It is unlikely that you would survive its cooking, and a certainty that you would be in no state to enjoy it afterwards. Indeed, even the F%nrians only order the dish on their anniversaries, since it takes them this long to grow it back.

As an additional caveat, while you will meet the occasional human who claims to enjoy an 11 or a 19, they are certainly lying; or if not, they are committed users of recreational anaesthetics.

We can, however, certainly recommend that you try a 23 before you leave. If there is still room, and you are feeling athletic, you might also enjoy a 7, though it might be best to get a long-time resident to show you the trick of making it stop.

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