– I have a friend who doesn’t like winter at all. She always complains about how difficult it is to walk in snow—You go one step forward and two steps backward….

– So you told her to turn around, right?


– Remember the French novel written by Dumas junior? I don’t know what it’s called in English.

– No, I don’t know it.

– It’s a well-known story. There’s even an opera adapted from it, called “La Triviata”. Does that ring a bell?

– That’s the name of a famous opera I don’t know.

– (Sigh.) It’s so frustrating that people don’t know what I know!

– I’m sorry…. But you are the one who knows all the European cultural things, because you’re Chinese, and I’m only English!

Abstract of the Day

We investigate the application of polysyllabic vocabulary to an ultimately jejune problem space. LSMs (Large Spurious Matrices) are applied to further the obfuscation of the exposition. An attempt is made to introduce nk*-partite Hausdorff eigentensor distributions, with satisfactorily confusing results.