5. Stone Tale

This entry is part 5 of 8 in the series Southwest England 2005

While visiting St. James’ Church in Teignmouth, I discovered vivid pictures of people, animals, houses and mountains emerging from the texture of its walls. These pictures told me a short story, a story of imagination, which I will recount to you below. (Note to readers: It may be easier to find the pictures after reading their captions.)

There was this man. We don’t know if he was a scholar, or a poet, or a philosopher. Every day, he took a walk outdoors, found a bench by the fields, and read his thick book. Continue reading 5. Stone Tale

Between the Ears

– You know, some people have nothing between their ears.

– They have a head, at least.

– No, no, seriously. If you pick a random person on the street and look into their ears, you’ll likely see daylight coming from the other side.

– But it’s night time now. It’s dark!