1. 8/25 Arriving in Edinburgh

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The day started with sunrise on the plane and the foggy landscape of Scotland.

We found our hotel on a quiet little street on the outskirt of Edinburgh city center.

Unfortunately we were too early for checking in. So we went out for breakfast at a Scottish pub named Ryan’s Bar. I ordered the full Scottish breakfast. Stephen ordered French toasts with bacons. They were both very nice, although I really liked the French toast.

A tip for people visiting from North America, you’ll see many familiar names here, such as French toasts, bacons, muffins, pancakes, but beware they are NOT the same as their North American counterparts. Not at all! My experience so far says that the UK versions of French toasts and bacons are much tastier.

After a much needed nap of 4 hours, we walked around the city.

We had our dinner at an Italian restaurant named Gordon’s Trattoria and the food was great!

After dinner, it was already dark. We had a short walk to digest what we ate and took the tram back.

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3 thoughts on “1. 8/25 Arriving in Edinburgh”

  1. Mm, tasty memories. The french toast looks a little unexciting in the photo, but it was so yummy and eggy…! And as Les Nuages said, it’s so nice to have food that is made out of food, and not just the words for food.

    1. In response to your complaint, I replaced the french toast picture with a better one. Hope it looks more exciting now. 🙂

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