6. 8/30 Edinburgh – Palace of Holyroodhouse

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We visited Palace of Holyroodhouse at the east end of Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, which gave us an opportunity to see the east half of Royal Mile. The palace is where the British Royal Family, e.g. the current Queen, receives important guests, e.g. the Pope (forgot which one). It also has historic apartments, such as the chambers of Mary Queen of Scots, whose life was utterly tragic despite being the mother of the first united king. Again no picture allowed inside. Outside the Royal Apartments were ruins of a historic abbey and a huge garden against the backdrop of Arthur’s Seat.

After the palace visit, we wandered along the street of Royal Mile and saw various interesting things. It might interest those musicians among the readers that we saw this Portuguese guy who was playing classical music from a saw, and it sounded like human voice! In case you’re interested, you can find him on facebook.com/thesawguy.

Since it was Saturday, Edinburgh was packed with people. As a result, every highly rated Scottish restaurant we tried was fully booked. Eventually, we walked into a Nepalese & Indian restaurant on account of our excellent experience with two Nepalese restaurants in Colorado. Unfortunately the food was more Indian than Nepalese, which was ok, but not good enough to compensate for the disappointment of not being able to get Scottish food.

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2 thoughts on “6. 8/30 Edinburgh – Palace of Holyroodhouse”

  1. Complicated says:

    The pope in question was Pope Benedict, evidently.
    This abbey, too, was destroyed as a result of the fight between church and state that complicated everything for half a century.
    The modern building at the end of the Royal Mile is the Scottish Parliament building.
    The final two pictures I would have described as park views more than street views, but it was definitely Edinburgh ;).

    1. Complicated Rain also says: Les Nuages has just explained to me where the last two pictures were taken from. Evidently they can technically be described as ‘street views,’ even though they look off the side into the park….

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