8. 9/1 Edinburgh – National Museum of Scotland

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The last day in Edinburgh was a relaxing day. We wandered in and out of museums and coffee shops. National Museum of Scotland was a lot of fun, worth more time.

We got acquainted to two kinds of Scottish food at a Scottish restaurant name The Cellar Door: Elderflower Cider, a kind of “soft” drink, and the traditional Cranachan cheesecake, very nice, strongly recommended.

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3 thoughts on “8. 9/1 Edinburgh – National Museum of Scotland”

  1. The National Museum is sort of a monument to ADD! I do not mean it in a bad way, it simply has everything and all of it is super engaging, so you sort of bounce from fascination to fascination. The central hall, in fact, has all the topics mixed together; big animals and weird machines and historical… things. (It has been criticised by locals for being a bit shallow and child-oriented, but coming from the US you would not say this.)

    I think that cranachan is entirely traditional, but cheesecaking it cannot be :). This is not, however, to impugn its yum.

    1. National Museum of Scotland is truly worthwhile. I appreciate it even more now that I’ve seen London’s Natural History Museum.

  2. …Les Nuages says she expected me to comment on the fact that the cider cannot be soft when it has alcohol in it. Then again, it has only 0.5% alcohol, so it is soft-ish. It was also delicately tasty.

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