Decoding Movie Certification

– Birdman is rated 14A in British Columbia. What does the A stand for?

– It stands for Adult.

– You have to be an adult at 14?

– No, you have to be accompanied by an adult.

– Why? So that the adult can explain all the innuendos in case the kid doesn’t understand? But you can’t talk in the cinema anyway.

– Yeah. “Let me explain to you what he means by that…”

– 14A sounds a bit high. In Quebec, it would probably be rated 13 or 13+. Actually what’s the difference between 13 and 13+?

– 13 means anyone older than 13 is not allowed to see it, I guess.

– I think 13 means anyone older than and including 13, and 13+ means anyone older than and excluding 13. It’s a matter of an interval closed below versus an interval open below. Although how to enforce 13+, I wonder?

– I guess that depends on the time zone too. “Can I see a time-stamped photo of your delivery please? Are these GPS readings accurate? Hmm, ok. I think I can let you see the second half of the movie.”

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