Cultural Complexity

“You’re late. Again.”

“I’m truly sorry. My ancestors invite your ancestors round for tea.”

“My ancestors are busy this afternoon. Perhaps another time.”

“Um, is that really true, or are your ancestors just trying to push my ancestors off?”

“Oh, how dare you! You offend my ancestors!”

“I’m sorry! I apologise to them! Unreservedly! I just meant—look, my ancestors invite your ancestors’ ancestors round for supper. How’s Tuesday evening look?”

“Um, can they go to that place that serves the crispy Spirit Pork?”

“The one down by the canal? Sure, everyone’s ancestors love that place!”

“Well, ok. My ancestors’ ancestors are mollified.”

“And your ancestors?”

“Grumpy, but they’ll get over it.”

“They’d be welcome on Tuesday, too.”

“Oh! They’d really like that, actually. They now feel they rather came out ahead. Say, is there anything I can do for your descendants after I die?”

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